The Story : Green Guru Gear

A real eye opening story…

At Green Guru Gear, is a team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who work to create change in the outdoor and cycling sports industries. They know that most outdoor gear created to participate in outdoor activities can lead to environmental destruction. Instead of stopping to play outside, They decided to manufacture their own products in a more eco-responsible way.

Born in 2005, Green Guru Gear uses old outdoor gear that would otherwise end up in landfills to create new adventure gear. All Green Guru Gear started out as something else like bike innertubes, wetsuits, and billboard materials. By keeping these valuable materials out of landfills, we can adventure with a good conscious.

The word “upcycle” as it’s called at Green Guru begins with products obtained mostly from “recycling stations.” Bike and outdoor shops offer incentives for customers donating used gear before they purchase new products from there shop. Companies like Trek , Patagonia, Sea World, and  organizations donate their left over materials, defective gear, and old bike tubes to help build Green Guru Gear to help eliminate the waste heading to Landfill. 

Neesh Stores is now bringing European Companies on Board with Green Guru – to allow the expansion of Green Guru Partners into Europe in that when you visit these Companies / Organisations your “waste” whether It be bike Inner tubes or other materials that can used these places will be sending these to Neesh Stores HQ to be sent to Green Guru to be used to make Green Guru Products – Therefore the products your Purchasing are actually made from UK sourced materials. In the next 5 years Neesh Stores is wanting to expand this programme into European Countries.

The donated goods then go to the Green Guru warehouse in Boulder, Colorado where they are processed and sorted, they travel less than a few miles to our manufacturer. By making Green Guru Gear close to home, we support the local economy while protecting the environment.

“Honestly, we’re just trying to get people excited and inspired to be participate in the Green Guru brand,” explains the President and Founder of Green Guru, Davidson Lewis. “By donating waste materials and buying our products, consumers can be a part of the upcycle process and help our environment by reusing materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills.”

Green Guru aims at affecting real change through greener practices. By making use of used bike inner tubes, wetsuits, and climbing rope, Green Guru closes the loop in the traditional product life cycle and lets outdoor products live a new life. Years of design and experimentation have enabled the company to grow from a small group of designs into a catalog of performance-orientated products that exceed social, quality and sustainability standards.


Our business is built on a foundation of sustainable actions. We ask difficult questions about processes and create real solutions that help us reduce waste and raise efficiency. This process benefits our organization as well as our business partners on many different levels.

We are B-Corp certified and have a gold level status with the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.

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