The Story of Alchemy Goods

Here is an interesting story….

The 2003 Pike Messanger

Alchemy Goods started in 2003 by accident, Founded by Eli Reich – a guy who was riding his bike and has his messenger bag stolen from him while out riding. He went home and made a bag from old innertubes and sold it to 6 of his friends and now there is over 20 products produced from Upcycling Materials. As a Company they have upcycled over 500 tonnes of materials that would have been heading to a landfill site. They use wind and Solar power to power their production facility

Upcycling is where you keep a material in its original form and essentially repurpose it to a higher value through design . Recycling involves breaking down the material to its raw components to then create a new product – this uses a lot more time and also 30% more energy is used compared to upcycling. Upcycling is beneficial in so many ways – reducing landfill waste is one way but in your case if you purchase any item from our store it will be the only one like it as its been upcycled!

Every item is made by hand and is actually originally designed from a pencil drawing….

Alchemy Goods create and manufacture upcycled lifetime warranty handmade products from sustainable materials including Bike innertubes, Car Seatbelts, Advertising Banners and also Limited Edition Product Collections. They have over 400 stores around the world and this website is the HQ / Store for Europe