Highline 6 Beer Holder

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The Highline 6-pack holder is for our eco-friendly beer snobs, house partiers, and picnic goers. Instead of packing a wasteful six-pack cardboard box at your local beer store with all your favorite individual brews from award-winning breweries – try out the Highline – it’ll keep you and your beverages a whole lot cooler.

The Highline features 6 insulated carriers for bottles or cans and has a haul handle at the top for easy transporting. In addition, the front of the Highline comes stocked with two straps enabling you to place the carrier on the top tube of any bicycle and attach the straps to the stem.

Colours May Vary

BUT DONT DRINK AND RIDE … even though its tempting

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Measurements : Length 8.5 / Height 7 / 8.5 Width ( Inches)

How to care for:

Clean with Rag and warm soapy water and hang to dry

Materials :

Upcycled Denim, Upcycled bike innertubes, Upcycled Nylon Fabric


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