Gripster Frame Bag- Medium

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With its unique triangular shape, the Gripster fits nicely into a corner of your bike frame to store a light jacket, some tools or snacks. It is mounted securely with straps to your frame and is basically the width of your frame making it non-obtrusive, but easily available when in the saddle for quick access. Made from upcycled industrial tent fabric, it is water resistant and made to last.

Great for riding around town, on the trail or bike packing/touring.

Built from colorful upcycled banners, jeep soft top scrap and durable fabrics in the USA.

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Measurements : Length : 7.5 / Height : 7.5 / Width : 3 ( Inches )

How to care for :

Clean with a Rag and warm soapy water and  hang to dry

Materials :

Upcycled Colored Nylon Fabric, Hook & Loop , Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper


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