Franklin Reflective Wallet

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The Franklin Reflective puts the sizzle in your back pocket. A version of our Franklin Wallet that includes a colored reflective strip between panels, this wallet not only levels up your style, but is really easy to find if you lose it while it’s dark, and also good for flagging down your Uber driver after an evening out. Made from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, the Franklin Reflective is slim, durable and stylish. Available with silver, Blue reflective highlights.

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Measurements : Length :  8.25  / Height :  3.25 / Depth : 0.5 ( Inches )

Weight : 57 Grams

How to care  for :

Clean with a Rag and warm soapy water , hang to dry

Materials :

Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes / Reflective 3M



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