Our Vision

Our Stores vision

With many retailers in the uk having so much choice for customers we want to make their life easier in which in our stores, we will only have 1 brand of each product in our stores in which this may seem silly however in doing this will allow our sales team to be knowledgeable of the products in store rather than just basic facts about your companies products and provide specialist knowledge which we will acquire from your company – thankyou.To provide a simple solution rather than giving customers so much choice. Our stores will be home to different brands which in 1 out of 4 stores will stock the same variance of products to give the customers a surprise when visiting our stores we believe no other company does this and should a customer want a product not in store( we will list Companies in each store once we have established and invested into retail shops) and are not willing to go to another store well luckily for them they can use our 2 day delivery in which gets your Company promotion a win- win situation.

Bright lights, a fun engaging atmosphere , live demonstrations , hands on playing around with niche unusual products ? sounds like a dream to customers and us. we will not stock 2 types of the same category product in our stores in which we know is unusual be we want our stores to be like nothing out there which of course with products newly invented or not even in the uk market where’s the competition for you apart from your direct competitors? Here in the UK there isn’t so if your approached by us feel privileged.

We want to look after your Company and Grow with you growing on social media working with networkers and spreading your brand name and uniqueness is what we do and if we have any problems in relation to customers and your products we will let you know the second we find out from the customer.

We want to be the only Company to be associated with your company here in the UK.

Will Neesh ship to Customers not in the UK?

Quite simply no, due to costs and also why ship? we when can invest in Neesh and build other Offices in other countries if that’s where you would like to sell as well as the uk taking all of our ways with us and expand as a brand.

What do we want from you?

To Partner with your company and get your brand on board and yes we don’t have any at the moment but we need to make sure we work with the correct brands which is why we have contacted you. Please Email us Back with Skype so we can discuss further .