Are you looking to do something different for your Business?

Well have you ever considered upcycling? Essentially taking your Banners and other Materials and re-using them and turning them into your own Branded Bags rather than having to throw them away for example.

Our Manufacture is the best in the business based in the USA – Specifically setup to work with your Companies Materials turning them from a Banner for example into a Bag – Clients include NIKE, Amazon, Subaru and over 400+ Companies. We provide you with a very unique opportunity – Have your own Companies Materials repurposed into 150+ product options and tailored to your requirements this also includes complete custom product designs from scratch using 2d and 3d Modelling Software. We also can provide materials and products to have your branding placed onto as well should you not have any. – Everything we do with you is kept under a non disclosure agreement allowing your ideas and projects to be kept secret at all times, we do not put our logo on anything it is all your own Branding.

We are the only Company in Europe to offer the range of product options available and custom elements this includes zip colours, Patch design, Custom Artwork, Tailor making everything to exactly your requirements.

Due to how in depth we are as a Company Production varies from 8 – 10 weeks this is once we have received your Projects Deposit as you will discover below of how we work – We put a lot of work into making sure our clients are happy and with what we do and making sure you know every step of the process as outlined below.

Quantity of products ranges from 100 up to 10,000 – Multiple Orders can be placed

We are different. We are Neesh Promotions

Just a tiny bit of inspiration

How Patagonia waders were transformed

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Here is a selection of Products we can brand for you.

If you wish to ask us any questions or have a talk about what materials you have or what possibilities you have in mind please contact us on 02036338182