Author: Neesh Stores

innertubes – are not recyclable

You may think bike innertubes are recyclable well we have some news – they are not and the reason is due to them not having a resin identification code – the number placed on items like plastics to identify which category they are able to be recycled into when they are placed in are recycling […]

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Innertubes – a waste we don’t see

The Cycling industry is booming with sales every day but within this sector there is an underlying problem – the amount of innertubes being thrown into landfill by Bike shops as well as cyclists themselves is destroying our planet and this innertube material is not recyclable (Click here to discover why) which is why it […]

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Brooklyn Messager – Living with it

The Brooklyn Messager is just one of those bags that’s stand out from the crowd being made from Upcycled bicycle Innertube its extremely waterproof and is usually mistaken for leather due to the natural properties of looking so good, Every Product is unique to you due to being Upcycled the markings on each Bag are […]

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