The Story of Neesh.Store

A company that started in a bedroom with the amazing idea of saving the European customers’ money whilst saving our planet, Neesh was born. Working with two eco friendly brands Alchemy Goods and Green Guru Gear the objective was simple bring the products closer to European based customers by stocking the products in the UK and selling straight to European customers, eliminating expensive customs fees and also giving customers a centralised UK based contact incase they have any problems – not that there would be any problems with their products since they are all very reliable and durable! It worked well with their first customer being in Denmark.

But that’s not all, Neesh has also decided to help eliminate Europe’s innertube waste by working with bike shops by taking their innertubes and turning them into the products you purchase on our site (via working with Alchemy Goods and Green Guru) which is why some of the items are on backorder as get made from raw materials. Every item is upcycled so is unique to you, simply put taking waste that cant be recycled and repurposing it into new things. Every product is made and sewn by hand and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Also to combat homelessness every 10 Brooklyn Backpacks sold 1 will be given to a homeless person within the Uk

The Plan in the next 5 years is to have 26 Neesh Stores across the UK 1 in Every City so that you can have a very unique shopping experience.